Sign Ideas

Lots of our participants have asked for sign ideas, so here’s a few we’ve collected that we liked. First, some guidelines on signs we’d like to kindly request you consider:

  • No profanity or obscene signs – this is a familiy friendly march
  • Keep signs focused on science and science-related issues – this is a non-partisan march for science

There are lots of marches and protests against the current administration and its policies. What separates the Rocket City March for Science are its primary goals of proactively protecting science and building up a base in a community full of people that care about science, build their lives and careers on science, and that will vote for Science-based policy and politicians that support it. The desire to keep signs family friendly is not to censor anyone, it’s to create an environment that’s conducive to non-activists getting a taste of what it feels like to defend something they care about in non-threatening, organized environment that they feel comfortable bringing their children (the next generation of voters) to. There is a powerful untapped group here in Huntsville that are upset with the way science is being treated in this country, yet would never otherwise protest. The March for Science gives them a good opportunity to recognize their power.

Now, here are some good examples from other marches you might want to check out. As we all join together to march for science, we recognize that each person is a stakeholder in a unique way. Whether you have a printed sign, hand-lettered sign, or something else, the important thing is to tell the world what scientific issues are important to *you* personally!