Event Info & Tips

March Route

We will begin the March for Science at UAH’s Shelbie King Hall. The route will depart from UAH, march down Madison Pike, cross the 565 overpass and end at the Space & Rocket Center. Note that we will be subject to traffic laws during the march and will be utilizing the sidewalks. The route is safe, prominent, and will take approximately 25 minutes to walk (1.1 miles).

After we arrive at the Space Center, we’ll join together in a rally to hear a call to action highlighting how all of us can help ensure the future of STEM in our community in the days ahead, then march in return to Shelbie King Hall. After we conclude, all are encouraged to spend the day supporting local science-based institutions such as the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, local State parks, and the newest exhibits at the Space & Rocket Center.

What to bring?

  • Yourself! and Friends!
  • A tasteful sign that represents your support for a science-focused issue. Puns are accepted, appreciated, and probably celebrated.
  • An official March for Science Huntsville Tshirt! (Buy here: https://www.bonfire.com/march-for-science-huntsville/)
  • Your phone, and connected social media accounts for sharing your account of the march.
  • Extra poster-board and/or markers to share

Where to park?

  • If you plan to join us on the march, park at the Shelbie King Hall parking lot across 565 from the Space Center off of Sparkman
  • If you are mobility limited, there is approved parking near the end-point of the march at the Mariott. (Limited spaces available. Hang tags required)